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Ring App For PC

How to Download Ring App For Windows 10?

Looking to download Ring app for windows? If yes, then you have certainly come to the right place. This guide elaborates Ring app uses, procedure to download it and some of its FAQs.

Having a camera app in PC makes you feel like everything is controlled under your supervision. With a wider screen, big screenplay, access to change settings, and above all, the convenience to carry it anywhere, you can have unmatched experience with a windows camera app.

Unlike other security camera brands, Ring offers inclusive windows applications for Windows 10 computers and PCs. There is a need to download Ring app for PC to unlock all its extraordinary features that enhances your experience in every possible ways.

Sadly, Windows 7 users have to follow same tactic as Arlo users do, to download Arlo app for PC.

What are the uses of Ring Application?

Convenience is the only word to define what a user gets from Ring application. Whether it is a doorbell, a camera, or any other Ring home security device, you can manage all of them together with this all alone Ring app. Its UI and features make it stand out the crowd and the ease of access it offers is truly awesome. Below is a list of Ring application uses.

  1. Used to configure & setup camera
  2. Ideal to watch live videos
  3. Can lock or unlock the door directly from app.
  4. Helps to connect home security devices
  5. Can talk to the person who is on your doorstep

These are the primary uses of Ring application.

Remember these points before you install Ring app for PC

Make sure you take a note of all these below-written points before you begin to install Ring doorbell app for PC.  

  • Your computer or PC should be updated.
  • There shouldn’t be virus in it.
  • It should not contain any older Ring app.
  • It is compatible with Windows 10 only.

Steps to Install Ring App for Windows 10

You have to follow certain steps todownload Ring App for Windows 10.

  • Go to the ‘Start’ button and open Microsoft Store.
  • Search “Ring” App there
  • An app with tag ‘ Ring-Always-Home’ will appear.
  • Click on Get it.
  • Within a minute, Ring app will be downloaded & installed on Windows 10.
  • You will be asked to either signup or login to the Ring App.
  • Enter your login credentials and login to it using a onetime password received on E-mail Address or phone number.
  • Enter it and get the verification done.
  • Click on the “Setup A Device”  on the next screen, displayed under “Add a Ring Device” option..
  • Scanning option will appear on your screen.
  • Scan out your code using bar code scanner app. .
  • Type a name and specify where is it located.
  • Next, press down Orange Button.
  • A white light emit and start rotating.
  • Click on “Continue” button and follow on-screen prompts.
  • Now, go to wifi network settings and connect Ring App with Ring Doorbell.
  • Select your home network and enter its security key in the required field.

Once you install it, you need to check if your Ringdoor bell is responding to your command or not. Go & press your Ringdoor bell button and check if the application is notifying you about it or not.

If everything is working superbly fine, then congratulations, your home is a smart home now. If not, then you certainly need to read below-written texts….

Final Verdict

To make your home smart, connected, and protected, Ring application is ideal. If you need an expert to help you install Ring app for PC, then you are luckily at the right place. You can write to us or contact us in any way you find suitable and we are going to give you a courteous response over the query you raise. No matter if you need help to set up your camera or there is a configuration error, we stand in every critical situation you come across. To gain more information, you can contact us.

We promise you to write our next article on Ring app for Mac.


Is there a Ring app for Windows?

Yes, Ring has launched a user-friendly windows application that is compatible with Windows 10 only. You can find it in Microsoft store and install it anytime you want.

Can I view Ring on PC?

Yes, you can view, respond, and manage your Ring doorbell camera which features a high-quality camera to make your home smarter than ever. Also, you can see, hear, speak, and communicate with the person standing in front of your doorbell, with the help of a mic & speaker equipped in it.

How can I access my Ring account?

By logging into your account through web or Ring application. Using your email address and password, your gateway to unlocking Ring features will be accessed.

How to download Ring mobile app?

Go to your android play store. Search ‘Ring’ and tap on ‘Install’ button. With a few seconds or minutes, depending upon your internet speed, it will be downloaded. Access android Ring app from here.

Can I watch live videos in Ring windows app?

Yes, all the features that are available in the mobile applications are also available in Windows app. Every function & feature would be right there on your screen.

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