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Arlo Camera Reset Methods

Arlo is a well-known brand everyone is aware of, when it comes to security for indoors as well as the outdoors. Based on the latest wireless technology and many more advanced features, the camera has left behind all other security gadgets and registered its name on the top.

If we see the current scenario, the crime rate is increasing tremendously. And what only we need is a device that can make us believe that it will keep an eye over the things in case you are not present at your home or office. Arlo has gained a huge trust and confidence from millions in a very short period of time.

A number of people perform Arlo login on a daily basis, to make their home and other premises protected by making the Arlo login. But sometimes the camera does not work because of some issues or any kind of technical problem. So in that case, what to do?

Yeah, here is the solution for this if you will do the reset it will start working in a proper manner and operate in a smooth runway.  So, in this guide, we will try to know more about the reset process and How to reset Arlo camera? Read on.

What is Reset and What is its Function?

Reset is performed to make the device error-free if there is any problem in the configuration or setup, which leads the Arlo camera not to work properly. By resetting the device it will become like new as you have bought from the market. Again, you need to fill everything, the details such as the login credentials that have been asked to make the whole setup again.

With the process of reset, all the bugs will be removed as they are the hidden malware present and the reason behind the major technical issues.

Prerequisites which needs to be followed before performing the reset process

Before doing the factory reset you have to follow some of the prerequisites because you might lose all the necessary data after performing resetting of the camera.

● Save all the login credentials as after the Arlo camera reset it will be a new start.
● It must be up to date.
● The base station of the Arlo camera must be in the range for the proper coverage.
● The camera has to be turned off.

Situations When You Need to Reset a Camera

Have you ever thought about what is stopping my camera to work properly? This is very much frustrating for a user, so what are they?

  • The camera is not able to synchronize with the base station.
  • There are a lot of issues while recording the footage.
  • The base station of the Arlo camera is not responding well and the problem arises in the streaming.
  • Batteries are creating charging problems.
  • The firmware update can’t be done with any of the technical errors found.
  • There is a problem with the installation process.
  • The videos recorded by the Arlo camera are not up to mark.

What Are the Methods of Arlo Reset?

The Arlo camera reset can be done through various modes, you can opt the method according to your choice. It is very obvious for a technical device that it can undergo some of the technical errors which lead to malfunction and slow performance of the device. In that case, the Arlo camera needs to be reset in order to make the performance better and to work flawlessly. Here, a few of the methods discussed below, go step by step in chronological order.

Remove the Camera from Account:

This is one of the simplest methods one can perform. Follow these easy steps listed below.

  • The user has to open the Arlo app.
  • The next step is to log in to the account.
  • In the setting section, go to my device option.
  • Choose the version of the Arlo camera you want to reset.
  • Here you will find “remove the device option”.
  • Click and your camera will be removed from the account.

Factory Resetting Method:

Performing the factory reset sometimes can be scary sometimes so the user needs to be careful as this setting will remove all the data and important files that have been stored, so it will always be a good idea to keep a backup folder. But in the same way, it will make your camera bug free from all the issues and bring your camera to a very initial state.

Follow these below-mentioned steps and Reset Arlo camera.

  • The sync button is located at the top of the Arlo camera which needs to be pressed.
  • Hold this button for at least a few seconds.
  • The QR code has to be scanned in case internet connectivity is not there.
  • A chime sound can be heard as this will signify that Arlo reset has been done.

You can also go for this process by pressing and holding the base station of the camera for 30 seconds, this will lighten up the solid green light after releasing the button which you have held, and at last, the reset will be done.


Hopefully, with this guide, you have found the easy methods through which you can do Arlo camera reset. But still, if you have some of the queries in your mind and you are searching for experts who can guide you, then the wait is over, here we are.

Connect us via call, sending an email, or by doing a chat process, we assure you to provide the best solution. The availability is 24*7 to provide full assistance to its users.

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