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Netgear Arlo Pro vs. Netgear Arlo Wire Free Camera | +18445590388

Arlo cameras are specially designed for outdoor use so that users could keep his/her eye on the movement happening around their home and office. Although, they can be even used indoors as well. So, considering the requirement and the place where you are going it to be used, you can make a better choice. Or you can ask from the Arlo Camera Customer Support & Helpline Center Arlo Pro vs. Netgear Arlo Wire-Free Camera is better.

Arlo Pro and Arlo Wire-Free Camera are best when it comes to picking the best one. We have come up with a brief guide who will help you to decide the perfect camera? Go through the article and find out the features and issues with both cameras. If you need support, then get in touch with the Netgear Arlo Pro Customer Service.

Netgear Arlo Wire-Free Camera: – Netgear Arlo Wire-Free Camera is a basic camera with Wi-Fi enabled security system in it. To use this camera, you need a base station and a powerful outlet by which you can connect it to the router.

Features of Netgear Arlo Wire-Free Camera 

  • The camera runs on 2.4GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi signals.
  • It detects motion with the help of the PIR device.
  • Night vision is limited to 20 -25 feet only.
  • It is completely water-resistant.
  • It records footages in HD quality.
  • Users can view previously saved clips.
  • Users can adjust sensitivity as per their own choice and requirement.

With the best of features, it also has a few issues associated with it. Resolve these issues with the help of technicians by contacting the Arlo support number. The issues are as follows.

  • It comes with non-rechargeable batteries which need to be replaced every 4 months.
  • The issue with the Arlo camera setup and installation.
  • The issue with the notification timing.

Netgear Arlo Pro: – Netgear Arlo Pro is an upgraded version of the Arlo camera. It has some of the updated features which make it a little better from the previous version. Just like its predecessor, it also comes with a non-rechargeable battery. Have a look at some of its features.

  • Netgear Arlo pro uses PIR device to detect motion.
  • Arlo pro app is available on IOS and android devices.
  • It records 720p HD.
  • Users can view multiple cameras on the same screen.
  • It can be charged with a micro USB cable.
  • It has a microphone and a speaker both on it.

Issues with Netgear Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro has a number of issues associated with it. The issues are as follows:

  • You may face issue while installation.
  • Issues with the batteries.
  • Batteries drain much faster than the wireless camera.

Pick the Right One for You

So, what did you decide? Are you going to choose the Arlo Wire-free Camera or Arlo pro is your choice?  If you need a better suggestion, talk to an expert by dialing the phone number of  Arlo Customer Support Number +1-888-352-3810.

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