Keeping your loved ones secured is the most challenging task today. Every day you can find newspapers and news channels showing news of crime and people losing their life due to criminal activities. Due precautionary measures are being taken by the government to keep control of the crime rate, but it is our responsibility to keep oneself and our dearest ones secure all the time. To help you fulfill this motto, security cameras are the best solutions. There are a number of home security camera service providers in the market. Lorex camera is one such marvelous product. As we proceed with the article you will come to know why this is the most preferred choice. Apart from the awesome feature, this camera is popular because of the post-sales support that the experts offer to the user. Lorex Customer Service team is always there to assist the people with any issues.

Features of Lorex Security Cameras:

Lorex CoustmerService

Lorex security camera system is a house to advance features put together into a compact space. Below mentioned are some of the features of the camera which makes this device the unanimous choice of users worldwide. Have a look into the same to get maximum benefits out of it.

Easy Installation Process:

Keeping in mind the concept of DIY (Do It Yourself), the Lorex Security Camera installation process is so simple that anyone can do it hassle-free. Available in both wired and wireless variants so that a user can buy the device as per his convenience.

Weather Proof Functionality:

Lorex Security Cameras are resistant to any kind of weather conditions. This ensures 100% security all the time. Once put to use they keep on working endlessly without giving any issues.

Night Vision Recording:

Lorex security cameras support the night vision recording feature. It allows the user to keep an eye on the targeted zone even under dim or low light conditions ensuring complete security all the time. Some variants of Lorex camera support color night vision recording also.

Vandal Resistant Designs:

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This camera has a vandal-resistant structure. This implies that the Lorex camera can look after itself on its own. Some of the features of the Lorex camera have IK10 ratings in vandal proofing.

Hence we can see that  Lorex Surveillance cameras are loaded with awesome features. This camera is available in dome and bullet camera designs and allows you to capture and retrieve a recording of the focused zone in HD quality.

Lorex Customer Service Number

Rarely you will face any issues while using Lorex security cameras as everything here is so simple. However, to help the user with any issues with the device, the Lorex Customer Service Team is available round the clock. You just need to dial toll-free number +1-833-228-1792 to speak to get in touch with an expert; they will lead you from the front and will resolve all the issues in a single attempt. The Lorex technology support team is voted the best by a pool of happy customers worldwide owing to the marvelous service given to its users.