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Tips & Tricks to Increase Arlo Camera Battery Life +18445590388

Arlo cameras can stay long for up to 3 to 6 months on a single charge. Their batteries are rechargeable and you don’t need to buy them again and again. Despite having a long life, there are various factors that can impact Arlo Increase Battery Life. We have curated this amazing article to let you know how you can stretch it out as much as possible. 

Note:- Keep your cameras plugged into power 24/7 if you are using Arlo pro. They come along with 6 feet long cable and you can keep them connected to the power socket. 

Use these tips & get the most out of your Arlo Camera Battery

Alter the video quality in the App 

Choose the medium video quality to save the battery life of Arlo Pro. Try this method once and you will actually believe the tactics. But, the quality would differ a bit. However, your main concern was to save the battery and make use of the camera for a longer period.  Read the steps given below and excel it:

  1. Open Arlo App and click on Settings
  2. Click ‘My Device’
  3. Choose your camera from the list
  4. Click on ‘Video Settings’
  5. Move your cursor on ‘Best Battery life

By applying these steps, the video quality of your camera will be fine, and doing so will save your Arlo batteries.  

Avoid Arlo camera from Cold Environment 

The terms and conditions of the Arlo camera say the temperature it can withstand is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Keeping below this temp can easily harm the camera. Talking about the winter days you may have to charge your battery frequently. Netgear has no problem with the warm environment but heat can also adversely affect the Arlo camera.

Locate to well-lit areas

Arlo cameras come with night vision mode with the help of an in-built infrared spotlight. This model uses a lot of battery life. Thus, the location should be such night vision mode is utilized less. More darkness, large duration of night vision mode and therefore a large amount of battery drainage.

Neglect Weak Wifi Connection

The connection includes the chain- Arlo Pro connects with a central base station which in turn connects with your wifi device. Now,  if your internet signal is weak and the camera takes time to connect with the base station then simultaneously it will consume an excess amount of charge. 

While following the process if you face any kind of issue, you can directly contact us using our toll-free number. Our expert knows how to fetch the best performance from any camera. Plus, they are 24/7 available, when you need them. For any issue and concern, you can get in touch with us. The experts we have in our team offer a prompt solution to give you an unmatched experience of your Arlo camera. Be it a technical or non-technical issue, give us a call and we will get the work done for you. So, if you too have any kind of issue with your Arlo camera, feel free to contact Arlo Support team to resolve your all kind of issues related to the Arlo camera.

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