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How to Setup Arlo Camera & its Installation Guide | +18332281792

With the crime rate increasing at a very fast pace, Security cameras have become a need of time. These security cameras act as a third eye and enable the user to keep track of suspicious activities happening in the targeted region. There is a lot of security camera manufacturer in the market, which is offering a different set of features. Arlo has earned a distinguished reputation here by providing cameras which are a house of feature and are very easy to operate. In this article, we have covered easy DIY steps to Install Arlo Camera without the need for external support.

Talking about its different camera series, it includes Arlo Security Light, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Q, Arlo Baby, and others. If you have recently bought any of these Arlo cameras and are keen to know How To Install Arlo Security Camera, then this article is specially meant for you. Follow the below-listed guide and proceed for further steps.

Procedure to Setup & Install Wire-Free Arlo Security Camera

The given Arlo Wire-Free cameras setup instructions apply with both Arlo base stations and Arlo Pro base stations. Follow the listed below steps in context to know Arlo System Setup procedure:-

  1. You first need to open the battery box by moving and holding the lock.
  2.  Now, slide the battery door on the backside and lift it.
  3.  Insert the batteries inside and close it.
  4.  Now, bring the camera near the base station.
  5.  Sync to it  :
  • If you have Arlo base station, then press the sync button for 2 seconds and then release it.
  • In case, if you have Arlo Pro base station, then sync it by pressing the button located on the top and release it after 2 seconds.
  1. Once you sync it, it will blink green.
  2.  Thereafter, you need to press the sync button of your camera for 2 seconds and then release it.
  • Blue LED on the camera will blink. If you don’t see blue LED blinking then repeat the steps again.
  • In case, if it shows amber color, it indicates that your attempt to sync went unsuccessful and you need to repeat the process again. If you have any issue then connect with experts and Sync Arlo Camera with the help of a certified technician.  
  1. Now, check the camera LED if it turns solid green or not? If it turns solid green, it means that the sync process is complete.
  2.  Now, you can repeat the same procedure for each Arlo camera.

While performing the steps, if the user needs any kind of help, then connect with the certified officials to get this done quickly.

The issue you may face while setting up Wire-Free Arlo Security Camera  

You may face several issues while setting up the wire-free Arlo cameras. For example, the camera LED not blinking, Arlo camera will not sync, Arlo Base station is offline and many others. To resolve ‘How To Install Arlo’ issue then without wasting your time, get in touch with the Arlo Support team. Subsequently, your query can be fixed over the telephonic call.

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