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How To Fix Arlo Camera Motion Detection Not Working Issue

Nowadays, the most popular camera in demand is the Arlo camera with its excellent supervising feature. How about the quality of the camera to sensitize any object that comes across and alarms you instantly through a notification? Isn’t it cool? If you are thinking about such a feature, Arlo has got one of those. The feature is called Arlo Camera Motion Detection. You get a direct notification on your phone and the video will be saved to watch later. To watch them, access the Arlo App or its browser through the computer. This feature helps users in many ways.

The inclusion of this supreme security feature makes you feel 100%secured. This is the reason people are choosing Arlo over any other security camera across the globe.

There are bulk of advantages that Arlo user can gain with it, may it be price or design. The high-tech components were involved during its design to deliver the best output in detection. Due to this, some technical bugs have been observed. There are some technical issues that make it stop working and detecting any kind of motions.

However, every problem has a solution and we believe in customer satisfaction. The reason behind Arlo Motion Detection Not Working can vary but a proper guide can help you fix this issue. We have listed out a proper step by step guide to fix the issue. To apply these steps with the help of a technician, connect with the Arlo Customer Service and get quick help.

Check Motion Detection Feature Setting

To know the root cause of this cause, you need to check the motion detection feature set from your Arlo app. Here’s how to do this:-

  1. Open the Arlo app.
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Choose the Menu button
  4. Click on the Base station
  5. Click on Edit button of ‘Armed’
  6. Now you can manually check if the motion is being detected by every camera or not.

arlo motion detection not working

Steps to Fix Arlo Camera Motion Detection Not Working

#1. Check the Camera Position: The first thing which you should check is the camera position. Check if the camera is positioned properly or not. If it is not, then place it at the right height and at the right angle so that it could record every activity properly. For help regarding the camera position, you can contact the Arlo Support team to fix an issue related to Arlo Motion Detection.

#2. Enable the Activate Option: In order to make this feature run in your camera, you need to enable it. The option to enable this function is in the mobile app and in the camera. So, check if you have enabled this feature or not. If you haven’t enabled this yet then make it enable by the call at Arlo Phone Number.

#3. Check Your Email ID: Before opting and applying any of the aforementioned steps, check your email ID first. It is because the motion detection feature notifies the user through the email ID. So, check your email ID, if it is correct or not. Possibilities are high that the camera might be sending the alerts at any wrong email address.

#4. Sensitivity Level: Sensitivity level plays a major role in recording the motion detection footage. You have to set it at an appropriate level so that the camera can record the correct footage.

These steps will help you to make the function run again. If still, the issue of Arlo Pro Camera Not Detecting Motion, then get experts help. The experts can help you to resolve the issue without taking much time. Just dial the number +18332281792 and get experts solution by the certified technician.

arlo motion detection not working

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