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Arlo Ultra 4K:-The Next-Generation Outdoor Security Camera +18445590388

Love good quality images with plenty of smart features? Try your hands on the new Arlo Ultra 4K HD camera. Arlo has added one more flagship in its product line up calling Arlo Ultra 4K. With stunning features, great camera quality and unlimited video recording in 4K, it ensures you top-class outdoor security. Although the camera is available at heavy costs of $400 at the same time, you get a lot for your money. Read the complete guide and know why Arlo Ultra 4K is the choice of the next generation. 

Highlights of Arlo Ultra 4K 

  • Wire-free
  • Built-in alarm siren
  • 4K HDR Video Resolution
  • 180° Distortion-free View
  • Integrated LED Spotlight for Enhanced Night Vision
  • Enabled with two-way audio 

Arlo Ultra Design and features

When you buy an Arlo Ultra, you get a camera, a base station, a magnetic mount & arm, a battery pack, a USB charger and charging cable and etc. When it comes to size, it is a bit bigger than Arlo Pro 2. Just like other Arlo models, it is also completely weatherproof, integrated with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 to 6 months on one-time charging. 

Video Resolution

Ultra 4K has a true 4K image sensor to give you the best quality image view. You can easily zoom in to identify the tiny objects. The video footage doesn’t get stored in the cloud due to the larger file size.  You can use a Micro SD slot to store full 4K resolution clips. To access them, you can make use of the Arlo app which is available on the play store. 

Additional features

There are a built-in siren and spotlight which you can turn on anytime you want. Though the sirens are not much practical the spotlight enhances camera vision at the night. Further, it also comes up with an extra microphone to enhance audio quality. 

Set up and usage

Start with the base station and connect it with your router. Now, access the Arlo app and follow prompt instructions to complete set up procedure. Now, insert the batteries in your camera and place it at the desired place. Next, you can find additional information in the manual guide you get with your Arlo camera. The guide illustrates everything you need to know about the Arlo camera. 

Final verdict

If you need a professional set up for your office or other buildings and you have a good budget then you can’t find a better deal than Arlo ultra 4k. But if you just want a casual security setup then settle for Arlo Pro 2, another Arlo camera model and instant setup you can take help from Arlo Support.

Get expert’s assistance for new Arlo Ultra 4k 

For additional information and queries, you can talk to our representatives who are round the clock available at your service. They will help you with your purchasing and their support service ensures you a smooth purchasing experience. Also, you can contact us if you face any issues in setting up or mounting it. We also resolve technical glitches which often occur when we use the Arlo camera. To know more about us, simply you can connect with Arlo customer Service and connect with an expert.